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3D real-timeTracking Solutions

TrackMen has been inventing real-time tracking solutions for live Virtual Broadcast Graphics since 1997

TrackMen takes on the responsibility from the first interaction with our clients and partners, by providing excellent quality and by assisting and supporting them throughout the entire project process. Our goal is to deliver a solution that guarantees complete customer satisfaction which keeps our long-term customers coming back. We take pride in our long-standing customer service.

TalenTrack enables the interaction of persons with virtual graphics in real-time

By using our cutting-edge artificial intelligence, every part of any person’s body is recognized and it’s three-dimensional position is calculated and tracked instantaneously. Together with one of our camera tracking systems, it is not only possible to tell whether the talent is situated in front of or behind the virtual graphics, any conceivable interaction is now possible: you can use your body to rotate, push, or move virtual objects, trigger effects, use virtual shadows and much more. Your creative imagination does the rest!

VioTrack S individual markers optical camera tracking system based on individual markers

VioTrack S uses infrared retro-reflecting marker as points of reference to calculate the absolute position of the camera. In all studio environments. It enables sturdy, reliable tracking in critical lighting conditions, or in complete darkness. The unique absolute visual markers ensure a clear and absolute reference, quick initialization and tracking without interference.

Marker patterns both in green or blue are suitable for a green or blue screen. The automated self-calibration of markers support you in all cases for a quick and easy installation.

viotrack r image

VioTrack R+ markerless optical camera tracking system based on real features in a natural environment.

VioTrack R+, our new all-rounder among optical camera tracking systems, combines the advantages of markerless and marker-based camera tracking in one system. VioTrack R+ analyzes the natural scene in real-time to automatically generate a point-cloud of 3D feature points. VioTrack R+ works without markers and enables tracking within seconds, whether inside your studio or outdoors, for any type of camera or rig.

Conventional markerless tracking systems often fail in situations of critical lighting or complete darkness. Our VioTrack R+ system, with its additional infrared setup, offers strong, sturdy tracking for all lighting conditions.

VioTrack R TTL optical camera tracking system based on real features in the natural environment with Through the Lens Technology

VioTrack R TTL is a first-time easy approach to use your actual camera for tracking instead of using additional sensors. It simply uses the video stream of your filming camera to accurately calculate all parameters of your camera and lens in 3D space. Through the Lens Technology allows you to create ultra-simple and fast setups and autonomous tracking in the natural environment in real-time. In this way, they succeed in doing tasks that seem impossible to solve:
track with off-the-shelf drones or wired cams, just like that, no markers, no previous surveys, indoor or outdoor.

rrtl image

GhostTrack optical camera tracking system based on GhostFrame

Camera tracking systems determine the pose of the employed camera and support system in order to render the virtual image from the same perspective as the real camera. Traditional tracking systems require new equipment with external sensors at each axis of the individual support system and precise calibrations.

TorqTrack Mechanical Camera Tracking

For productions in a Virtual Studio, Augmented Reality or for any Virtual Graphics application, the shooting camera and it’s movements must be exactly described in order to render the Virtual Graphics from the same perspective and to match real and virtual worlds. Here different camera support systems are available which simply measure the movement of the single support axis only.

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zl body image

Zoom Lens Calibration

Augmented Reality creates a perfect illusion. It is crucial that virtual objects do not shift in relation to the real environment. To achieve this, you must determine the exact optical properties of your lens and the exact position and orientation of your broadcast camera.
The virtual camera renders the virtual image from the same perspective as the real broadcast lens over the full range of zoom and focus. Accurate lens calibration is mandatory. During the calibration process, you measure the physical parameters of the real lens and build your virtual camera model according to these interior parameters.

plugin image

Render Plugins

The data of all our camera tracking systems can be sent to all classical live broadcast render engines. To be able to connect to Game Engines like Unreal or Unity (page link compatibility),we also provide various render plugins. This enables you to connect to your preferred render engine quickly and easily; and all for them are free of charge.

VMatte real-time chroma keying software

The VMatte real-time chroma-keyer and matting software combines two demands of our clients which are usually mutually exclusive: you create a soft matting signal for your professional broadcast camera shots to achieve soft shadows and fine hair details. But at the same time you enjoy the easy operation without getting lost in sub-menus.

start body img
start body img

VioTrack F coded floor optical camera tracking system based on pre-calibrated coded floor

VioTrack F is the perfect system as a first step into the world of Virtual Production. Due to our precalibrated coded floor, the system can be used directly without marker calibration which allows easy installation and an ultra-short setup time. No need to take time-consuming manual measurements, or to affix markers, just roll out the coded floor, slide the camera over it and it is ready to use. The coded floor always delivers absolute position data. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

It is cost-effectively combined with your existing camera and lens, can be used on any camera support system, also for handheld cameras.