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VioTrack R TTL
optical camera tracking system based on real features in a natural environment and Through The Lens Technology

As it is just based on this single video stream, it can even be applied to setups when the camera is in a remote area. It enables quick and easy-to-use setups for hand-held cameras, wired cams and drones.

tracks on the video stream of the filming camera only

VioTrack R TTL markerless tracking technology automatically analyzes the video image in real-time. As a monocular vision system, it measures Through The Lens and is just based on this single video stream of the filming camera. It detects reliable feature points within any structured scene, whether it be inside a studio or outdoors.

no additional sensors, no markers, quick setups

VioTrack R TTL does not require any additional sensors on the filming camera: no sensor camera, no inertial sensor, no dedicated markers, LEDs, or anything else.
Instead, the automated tracking algorithm of VioTrack R TTL tracks Through The Lens of the filming camera. Just connect the video output of your filming camera to VioTrack TTL and start tracking. This reduces the installation and setup time down to seconds!

enables remote tracking setups just based on transmitted video streams

With VioTrack R TTL all camera parameters are generated just based on the video stream of the filming camera. Here, the distance between the filming camera and the actual tracking location is no longer of any importance. You can choose any transmission system over any distance to operate the tracking process. It does not matter if you are using an off-the-shelf drone with built-in video transmission, or if you transmit the camera signal via satellite, you can still provide camera tracking data for your Augmented Graphics without physically being present or having any hardware at the shooting location.


Data Flow

The hardware set-up of VioTrack R TTL is very easy. Just feed the video output of your camera to the mini workstation. The mini workstation uses a Linux operating system specially designed for the real-time needs of our image processing software. The complete camera tracking data is sent to the graphics renderers through a regular Ethernet network.