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VioTrack S
optical camera tracking system based on individual markers

VioTrack S can be used with several different patterns, their design and size are calculated individually, according to your environment. Infrared retro-reflecting markers work exceptionally well in critical lighting conditions, colored markers for green/blue boxes to be removed by a chroma keyer.

Permanent absolute 3D pose calculation in real-time thanks to Unique marker pattern

VioTrack S permanently measures the absolute position and orientation of the camera. There is no need for a homing procedure, or a manual system reset. Switch on the camera and you are ready to go.

In preparation, we randomly place relative markers at intervals all over the ceiling, wall, or floor, which on their own, do not produce the desired effect, but in combination with our carefully placed absolute markers, which have each been assigned a unique ID, will then achieve absolutely flawless results.

Even if some of the markers have been partially covered for whatever reason, VioTrack S will have no difficulty instantly calculating the true absolute camera pose instantly. Your graphics will always be positioned exactly at the same place, no need for any further adjustments.

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Unique Infrared retroreflecting markers to work in critical lighting conditions

The visual information of the sensor camera is required to determine the camera tracking data. Like the human eye, the sensor camera might be blind when using low-light conditions or blinded when using changing show-lights.

To overcome these limitations, the VioTrack S sensor camera can be equipped with an additional infrared LED ring - light. It illuminates the retroreflective markers which reflect the light perfectly to the sensor camera. Now the sensor camera works regardless of the environmental light, without jerkiness or failures.

colored markers for green/blue boxes to be removed by a chroma keyer

When using a green or blue box, the absolute VioTrack S marker can be painted or printed on the well-lit green screen itself in a slightly different tone of green. The sensor camera can detect these markers effortlessly. The size and number of the markers are adjusted to your studio size and tracking area. The markers themselves can be keyed out within the final picture by using a regular chroma keyer.

Automated self-calibration of markers

All you must do, is install all the markers in an arbitrary pattern and position within your environment. With the help of your sensor camera, a fast and easy to use self-calibration process begins to calculate the exact position of all markers in 3D space automatically.

This information is now used by VioTrack S to measure the absolute camera pose in real-time. The mounting position of the sensor camera is calculated just based on image processing; no manual measurements are needed.

Data Flow

The hardware set-up of VioTrack S is very easy. Basically, only the sensor unit and the lens are connected to the tracking workstation. The mini workstation uses a Linux operating system specially designed for the real-time needs of our image processing software. The complete camera tracking data is sent to the graphics renderers through a regular Ethernet network.