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TrackMen has been inventing real-time tracking solutions for live Virtual Broadcast Graphics since 1997. TrackMen is based in Cologne, Germany, but operate worldwide as a manufacturer of products, which are all invented and developed by our TrackMen team.

We are the one-stop-shop for any tracking solution. TrackMen offer corresponding services along with our own in-house products to guarantee a working solution. Inside or outside the studio, any application, from low-cost to high-end, we have the right system for you.

Within the media industry, TrackMen provide turnkey solutions and products in the field of 3D camera and object tracking, smart automation systems and keying technologies. Those technologies are used for Virtual Broadcast Graphics, Augmented Reality and Virtual Studios. We also cover live streaming events, concerts, television shows, exhibitions, and sports events worldwide.

We take on the responsibility from the first interaction with our clients and partners, by assisting and supporting them throughout the entire project process. Our goal is to deliver a solution which guarantees complete customer satisfaction and keeps our customers coming back. We take pride in our long-standing customer service.

TrackMen is comprised of a team of experts from the areas of Software Development and Visual Technologies to implement application-specific solutions for the broadcast, film, and other industries. We are looking forward to developing your tailor-made solution for your individual application or as an OEM partner.

Just contact us at info@trackmen.de and we will find the solution to suit you.

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Managing Director Hendrik Fehlis
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Managing Director Thorsten Mika