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real-time tracking solutions for live Virtual Broadcast Graphics

Camera Tracking Systems

product VioTrack S VioTrack R+ VioTrack R TTL GhosTrack GhosTrack TTL TorqTrack
working principle marker based markerless markerless GhostFrame GhostFrame mechanical
reference individual markers real features in natural environment real features in natural environment LED, invisible GhostFrame LED, invisible GhostFrame not needed
tracking range unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited depends on rig
support system all all all all all crane/jib, telescopic crane, rail, head
degrees of freedom 6 DoF (ptr, xyz) plus full optical properties of lens 6 DoF (ptr, xyz) plus full optical properties of lens 6 DoF (ptr, xyz) plus full optical properties of lens 6 DoF (ptr, xyz) plus full optical properties of lens 6 DoF (ptr, xyz) plus full optical properties of lens depends on rig
in- / outdoor ✓ / - ✓ / ✓ ✓ / ✓ ✓ / ✓ ✓ / ✓ ✓ / ✓
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optical camera tracking systems

free camera movement, even for hand-held shots

All our optical camera tracking systems accurately calculate the 3D position and orientation of the camera body itself. This enables any kind of camera movement within the tracking area, also suitable for hand-held cameras. The additional integration of pre-calibrated zoom lens data allows random zoom and focus settings regardless of the camera movements.

works on any support system, just retrofit optical sensor hardware

Optical camera tracking systems measure the position and orientation of the camera body itself and work independently of the camera support system which is currently being applied. Now, you can simply choose between using a tripod, pedestal, dolly, jib arm, crane, Steadicam or even a hand-held camera. Should you choose to switch to a new or rented support system to suit your clients’ needs. There is no need to purchase an additional specialized support system, simply upgrade your existing one.

Due to our system’s versatility, you can reduce costs greatly and be well equipped for all your future production requirements.

mechanical camera tracking systems

rock-solid tracking data for any environment

Mechanical camera tracking systems use a built-in sensor (encoder) for every movement axis of the camera rig and lens. The TorqTrack software gathers all this information to determine the location of the camera support system and camera.

This results in dependable data for any environment, regardless of lighting and weather conditions.

what all TrackMen camera tracking systems have in common

complete camera tracking data - including optical properties of the lens

Besides the position and orientation of the camera, the entire product line of TrackMen's camera tracking systems provides all optical lens parameters, including a field of view angle, distortion, and depth of field data. Due to our unique zoom lens calibration software, all our systems achieve the highest matching quality for any zoom lens.

In general, our systems can use the built-in serial interface of digital broadcast lenses or external sensors for the zoom and focus ring of any lens, including prime or affordable SLR lenses.

open real-time interface to any Virtual Set graphics system

All TrackMen products are compatible with any Virtual Set graphics software due to the open tracking data protocol. The complete tracking data of the broadcast camera is transmitted via network to an unlimited number of graphics rendering workstations. Your tracking system will immediately connect to the leading professional real-time graphics packages as well as to open-source game engines like Unreal, Unity or post-production tools.

Product overview

VioTrack S

Key features:

  • markers can be freely arranged in any kind of studio imaginable
  • infrared markers for ultra-reliable tracking under any lighting conditions
  • colored markers for green/blue boxes

VioTrack R+

Key features:

  • autonomous tracking of real features in the natural environment
  • no markers required, no previous surveys
  • tracks indoor and outdoor with complete freedom of movement
  • for any camera rig, including handheld, Steadicam, Crane, jib, dolly
  • new: IR setup for extreme lighting conditions

VioTrack R TTL

Key features:

  • tracks on the video stream of the filming camera only
  • no additional hardware sensors required on the filming camera, measures Through The Lens
  • autonomous tracking of real features in a natural environment
  • enables remote tracking setups just based on transmitted video stream
  • no markers required, no previous surveys
  • tracks indoor and outdoor with complete freedom of movement


Key features:

  • supports GhostFrame hidden tracking reference
  • no additional markers or sensors at set required
  • fast and automatic Installation
  • for any camera rig, including hand-held, Steadicam
  • highest precision for any Virtual Production


Key features:

  • highest matching precision and reliability for any mechanical support system
  • unique tools for calibration of zoom lens, camera support system and 3D pose in any environment
  • supports any camera rig from simple pan-tilt head up to telescopic crane


Key features:

  • multiple talents and body parts are recognized automatically
  • calculation of their true 3 D position in real-time
  • pure image processing based on AI
  • no markers required, no sensors, no wearables
  • instant detection, no previous training of talent required
  • enables full 3D interaction with virtual objects in combination with Trackmen Camera Tracking

Zoom Lens Calibration

Key features:

  • calculates all optical parameters of a real camera lens precisely, including field of view and distortion data, to be used by the virtual camera model
  • calibration includes focal distance data necessary for depth of field simulation (defocused virtual objects)
  • calibrates each lens individually - for the best matching precision of real and virtual objects
  • automated measurements based on image processing generate high quality results independent of the user’s level of skill

Render Plugins

Key features:

  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
  • TorqTrack2FBX
  • free plugin to receive camera tracking data from any TrackMen system
  • including optical properties of your lens
  • including TimeCode