optical camera tracking system based on GhostFrame

This means that it can be set up automatically and within a very short period of time. It delivers the highest precision for all Virtual Productions and can be built into any xR stage and setup.

The perfect solution for every studio environment

GhosTrack operates excellently with GhostFrame for every studio, camera, lens, and camera support system. It operates with GhostFrame LED panels, but can also be continued outside of the LED area and is directly suitable for your studio environment.

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Only GhostFrame LED panels needed for tracking - nothing else

GhosTrack only requires GhostFrame LED panels for perfect camera tracking. No further structures, markers, reference objects on the studio ceiling, floor or wall are necessary. It is quick and easy to install and requires little to no setup time. It is particularly suitable for short-term events and rentals.

quick and easy automatic setup

Due to GhostFrame Technology, GhosTrack can be automatically set up within seconds. Annoying time-consuming calibrations and manual interactions by the user are no longer necessary and are carried out automatically. Meaning that it can also be installed by "non-experts" / or even remotely.

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high precision for high quality productions

GhosTrack offers highest precision for calculating the exact camera position. Especially for set extensions, the virtual graphics must be continued beyond the LED panels. GhosTrack uses the hidden patterns of the GhostFrame Technology precisely at these seams and adapts the virtual objects as best as possible.

Application for all Virtual Productions

Regardless which production method you choose or application you need to use it for, whether it be xR stage or an Augmented Reality production, event, broadcast, or film: GhosTrack offers the new industrial standard for all types of production.

Application for all virtual productions
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perfect for use in closed LED caves

Allows camera tracking even for nearly closed LED caves, where the backwalls and maybe even the ceiling or floor is covered with LED panels. In such an environment, marker-based optical camera tracking systems or additional sensor cameras for outside-in tracking cannot be used without interference. But the hidden tracking information of GhostFrame turns every LED panel into a reference object for camera tracking. GhosTrack works where other systems fail.

GhosTrack TTL (TroughThe Lens) option

GhosTrack in the TTL version offers a special advantage: only the video image from the recording camera is used as the source for camera tracking and the measurement only takes place "Through The Lens".

For a remote production, it is therefore sufficient only to transmit the video image. The camera tracking can therefore take place at a central production centre and does not have to be set up on site.


Data Flow

GhosTrack’s hardware set-up is very easy. Only the sensor unit and the lens are connected to the Mini Workstation during setup. The Mini Workstation uses a Linux operating system specially designed for the real-time needs of our image processing software. The complete camera tracking data is sent to the graphics renderers through a regular Ethernet network.

There is also a special TTL (Through the Lens) setup available. Here, the sensor unit or tracking camera is not needed. Just the video of the broadcast camera and its lens data need to be transmitted to the Mini Workstation. This allows for very easy setups and even downstream applications (Tracking hardware being at a different location).