markerless 3D body part tracking based on AI

It is solely carried out by non-contact monitoring of the studio by sensor cameras which evaluate the scene by using artificial intelligence.
As a result, the position of all body parts at any time is well known to the render engine and each person can interact with virtual graphics easily.

Automatic body part recognition for multiple talents

TalenTrack instantly detects all body parts of the talent to ascertain their position in 3D space. Not only the position of the entire body is automatically calculated, but the individual body parts of each talent such as head, torso, hand, foot, etc..

Every single body movement, whether it be fast paced or slow, is determined in real time. Singel or several talents at a time, you can count on TalenTrack to process these movements reliably.

automatic body part recognition showcase

Pure image processing based on AI

Thanks to our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, any talent, regardless of the size, shape or appearance is instantly detected by TalenTrack. It is not necessary to previously train the system on a specific person beforehand or for them to assume a certain position to start the tracking. As soon as the talent enters the surveillance area, TalenTrack ‘s measurements take effect immediately. Come as you are!

No markers, no sensors, no wearables

TalenTrack requires no markers to be fixated onto the talent’s body. Neither active nor passive sensors, LEDs nor anything else!

The system is maintenance-free, no battery replacements are necessary, the correct position of the sensors does not have to be checked, etc.

TalenTrack enables a perfect degree of spontaneity if say, new guests arrive in the studio, they are tracked immediately. Celebrities wouldn’t have to go through the process of being wired or feeling uncomfortable being tracked.

No markers, no sensors, no wearables showcase

For real interaction with Virtual Graphics

TalenTrack enables full 3D interaction with virtual objects. You can easily walk in front and behind virtual objects. A full interaction with virtual objects is now possible! Drag, drop, touch, pull, push, kick, scale your virtual objects as if they were real. Or do you want to trigger actions, start animations, or want virtual shadows? In combination with any TrackMen Camera Tracking system your 3D effect becomes reality.

Flexible setups, fast installation

TalenTrack works in any environment, real studio, or green screen. The monitored area and the desired accuracy can easily be scaled by the number of tracking cameras and their zoom lenses.

Installing the system is fast and is easy to operate by using image processing tools, no other tools are necessary. This means that TalenTrack is ideally equipped for both permanent installations and temporary events.

Flexible setups, fast installation showcase
Dataflow TalenTrack

Data Flow

The hardware set-up of TalenTrack is very easy. Here, the single tracking cameras are connected to the tracking workstation through a network. Just a single network cable is used, as the system supports Power-over-Ethernet components. The Linux operated tracking workstation processes the videos of the tracking cameras with up to 60 Hz in real-time with just one frame delay. The calculated 3D position of the body parts is sent to the graphics renderers through a regular Ethernet network. Use our Unreal Plugin or the integration in various professional Real-Time graphic engines.